Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Az-Ziyaat Perfumes: Alcohol-free Fragrances

Okay Muslimahs, just in case you think I have forgotten about you ladies and the previous post I did was on-off. Nope, I am still trying to find content for you girls and continue talking about cultural-neutrality. Just that, it is really very rare to find collaborators.

Today, we will be sharing with you readers something very interesting - fragrances which are alcohol free. As many of you may know, alcohol are the usual bases of perfume. And they are the reason for the refreshing feeling after a spray.

So far my experiences with using perfumes without alcohol is that the scent actually last longer. One thing that I like is that they are sold in smaller quantity, so it is not as expensive for you to own many bottles and have variety. For this posts, all the fragrances are from Az-Ziyaat Perfumes. I have tried 6 of their ladies' collection and thought I would rank and share a little more about each for the benefit of you readers.

1. Lilies - Personally, this is my favourite because I love my scents fresh and flowery.

Top: Neroli
Heart:Rose& Gold
Base: Sandalwood

2. Pink Feminine - If you like fruity perfumes, you may like this. Personally I prefer this sweet scent over the citrusy scents
Top: Peach
Heart: Violet Leaf
Base: Cardamom & Vanilla

3. Cinta - This is the more citrusy version which I ranked 3rd :D

Top: Apricot
Heart: Rose
Base: Virginia Cedar

4. DLCS - This is a very calming and soothing scent if you are feeling kinda of soft and light.

Top: Magnolia
Heart: Violet & Apple
Base: Sandalwood

5. Infused - I don't really this because I find the citrusy scent too strong and overpowering.

Top: Blood Orange
Heart: African Orange Flower
Base: Patchouli

6. Secret Glaze - I am not sure why but this was definitely not for me. Gah, in fact I found the scent rather pungent LOL. Guess that's why they say you can find a mate through the sense of smell. Different people really like different scents.

Top: Pear
Heart: Chamomile & Violet
Base: Aloe vera

For you readers out there who may be holding events or throwing a wedding soon (congrats), you may want to consider these tiny little babies from Az-Ziyaat Perfume as your wedding flavours. They are so cute and your guests can try out the different flavours. If you are planning to get one for yourself, consider the bigger bottles as they will be more value for money and it is unlikely you will like all 6.

And such perfumes are definitely cultural-neutral. Although we do associate them more with the Muslims, it doesn't mean that non-muslims can't use them. In fact, it is just about finding the right scent. And psssttt...Az-Ziyaat Perfume provides delivery too :D

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dreamcatchers just for you

Sweet Dreams, I hope all of you are sleeping well. If you aren't, here's a old wives' remedy for all of you :D Wrapped up neatly and protectively, I am sure many of you are wondering what's this.

Is it edible? Nope.
Is it pretty? Yes, it is very.
Does it work for all? Well, you can pick and select until you get what you like... Hehe. Or you could always pick a pre-made one.

Presenting a dreamcatcher from Sahkyo & Co :D It is so pretty that even my brother and my boyfriend paused to have a second look. (Yea, and we thought guys are always not interested in such things! Guess they must have yet to seen something that has caught their eyes.)

Because I always think I am kinda of one-of-a-kind, I didn't pick anything off the shelf and got it customised instead. Customisation is pretty fuss-free, you just have to answer a few questions:-

1. Feather Colours:
White, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Light Pink, Orange, Light Orange, Grey
2. Bead Colours (Almost all colours are available)
3. Name to customised on the catcher (if any)
What is the name that you would want on the catcher?
4. Type and Colours of Weaving (aka netting) 
5. Misc:
Any other details you would want to have? Any other reference photos that you have?


I am sure some of you are wondering "woa...that's quite a handful of meticulous questions." As each of the dreamcatchers are painstakingly handmade, the details that you have answered will be slowly brought to life. Check out some of the behind the scene photos Sahkyo & Co has kindly shared.
If you are not very much of a creative person and thinking out a brand new design is too painful, you can click on the links and check out the past work. (Psst...what I did was compile the photos of the different parts of the dreamcatchers designs I liked.) And let me tell you a secret, Sahkyo & Co has one of the biggest selection of designs. You won't even dream or seen some of her past creations. #mindblown.
If you are looking for something smaller and closer to heart, here's some dreamcatchers keychain design. Should I give them away? But they are so cute <3 Comment below if you really want them :P
And oh yea Sahkyo & Co is on carousell as well. You can find more stuff and other designs there. But the instagram which I have linked focuses only on dreamcatchers which may make searches easier :D And let us know what you would like to read more at ForFunk, as you can see, we have been coming up with more varied content to suit your different taste :D And if you like Giveaways, join them so we know!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Try and Review: Activa

So it has been like forever since I got any sample from Try and Review. Dono why maybe cos I got no luck. But finally I got to review something cos there are much more testers available. And it is something that I don't mind trying too! Presenting Activa - herbal sleep inducers.

And I am pretty darn glad they are herbal cos after those slimming pill scares, I am quite worried of my liver succumbing to bad pills. :D And these pills work 70% of the time for me (except for the time I had tea before bedtime.)

So here's a breakdown of what's inside the pill :D
  • Matricaria Chamomilla - Natural sedative
  • Lime Tree - Faciliates sleep
  • Lemon Balm - Supports digestion
  • Verbena - Reduces nervousness
  • Hawthorn - Acts on stress and anxiety
  • Eschscholzia - Helps fall alseep

I actually took quite a lot of photos on my Instastory so too bad if you missed it. But you can always follow me here. Psst. There may be giveaways coming!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cone Island: Singapore best thick Milkshake

Considering how hot the weather has been lately, I thought it was my duty to share with you readers some cool treats. Presenting mini ice-cream cones, where sinful treats are made mini :D

As some of you may know, I am trying to be on a diet (because I feel fat la) So such treats are great for skip day. You get to indulge in such much-needed sweetness without gaining too much calories. (It is not an overly sweet ice-cream!) And best of all you get to try 3 flavours at one shot.

Each cone is only 4 cm high, cute or what! And for $3.30, you get to taste 3 flavours. There are a total of 12 flavours. To taste half the flavours at one shot, you can top up a dollar, and double the scoop on your cone. Personally I felt the double cones super value for money and satisfying.

Also, like most ice-cream stores, there are also toppings that come with it. (I think they made my mini cones way cuter.) My personal favourites are the rainbow sprinkles (#rainbowlover) and mini marshmallows!

Here are the 12 flavours available at Cone Island. I am going to rank my top 6 in descending order so that you can also order the same (if you limit yourself to either 3 or 6). By the way, I have tried all 12 just to do this for you :P
  1. Tutti Fruitty Pop - It taste like Paddlepop. And it is probably the best flavor and would be even better as a milkshake!
  2. Strawberry Dream - I am not much of a strawberry lover but because the milkshare was rather fantastic. I pushed its ranking up. :P
  3. Durian Bomb - I don't think any durian lover should miss this. Cos the taste is rich and enough to satisfy any craving with just one mini cone *winks* By the way, this is my Dad's favourite.
  4. Catch-a-Matcha - My bro's favourite. He is quite a lover of green tea stuff. For a non-Japanese ice-cream, this is quite awesome.
  5. Terrific Taro - Like durian, I think yams are quite acquired taste. If you don't like durians, you may want to try the yam. This is my Mum's favourite and we all agreed this would really taste good as a milkshake too. 
  6. Blueberry Ripple - It is a bit lighter than the rest. But if you like a flavour with a gentle yum, this is probably for you. :D

Considering I kept going on and on about milkshakes, I am sure by now you know that Cone Island serve milkshake too. Psst. even though there are only a few falvors available in the menu, you can actually request for the other flavours. And yes you hear it from me here first-hand! (Perk of being a reader!)

I only tried 3 flavours cos diabetes was hailing out at me but I can assure you that this is one of the best thick milkshakes I have! Among the 3, I love my strawberry milkshake best. Cookie and sCream was just too normal for me. Blueberry Ripple is quite the bomb too if you are looking for something lighter!

To make you day sweeter, check out the deals! And in the future to add more instagram goodness,Cone Island will be introducing mini doughnuts. And yes, I will be there to share with you guys first hand!

Apart from having a stall at the basement of Hillion Mall (near NTUC), they also provide the mini cone for parties which I think will be perfect for companies and little kids' birthday bashes. While I was there, I also noticed that the cones were very popular among families. Guess everyone is happy when everyone has one. Guess this is true meaning of sharing :D Enjoy ~!~

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Smarter Home: 6 reasons why I need Steigen

Recently, I have been writing a lot on must-haves for your house/room/dorm that can either beautify your room or help you with your chores. I have another "lobang" to share today. If you are looking forward to having a "smart home", this is probably one of things you should have! Wish this was invented earlier, when I was having my exchange. It would have made my life a whole lot easier.

Presenting to you Steigen, the automated indoor laundry system. In short, this system can help to quicken the drying process and lift the poles with a quick press of the button. It is particularly relevant to the elderly, big families and people who cannot lift heavy loads temporarily (after an operation or during pregnancy).

To make this post less heavy and technical, I thought I would approach this in a more light-hearted manner while embedding the facts in the subsequent content. :D

6 reasons why I need Steigen

1. It uses less energy than my fridge!

Quite honestly, I have been looking at my fridge differently ever since, bearing slight grudges for the amount of energy it consumes. LOL! But Singaporeans being Singaporean, we are always kiam siap, and when I was looking at the functions, I was also wondering about the potential big hole in my pocket.

Now that I know hey it actually doesn't consume that much energy, Steigen is actually a pretty darn good alternative for a dryer, fan and wardrobe combined. Hehe. And this brings me to my next point.

2. It is multi-functional.

I can already see at least 4 uses for this already!

A. The fan - It isn't that strong in the models available. But if the newer versions become stronger, you can double this up as a fan and save some money on having a fan in your "yard".

B. The dryer - As mentioned earlier, this uses even less energy than a dryer! Kaching Kaching! If the intensity is high enough, I see a potential tanning machine! Wahaha!

C. The light - Here's another cost saving cos you don't have to install a separate light and you can do your laundry at night (This is a function available in all the models!)

D. Expendable - Basically, you can hang a full machine load using hangers. But if you are washing bedsheets etc., or have an extra heavy load, the expendable function is pretty useful. :D But when I see this, or I see was an expendable wardrobe!

D again. The Expendable Wardrobe - If you don't have a lot of clothes, this should just double up as your main wardrobe. You can just keep all your clothes up! Or if you have too much clothes like me, this is going to be your secondary wardrobe! Hehe.

3. There is not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 models to choose from.

I really the fact there are choices. Basically, the models look pretty similar. (All of them are equally sleek!) Depending on what you need for your household, you can pick and select the models that is the most suited for you! If you don't have a lot of laundry, some of you may not need the heater function. Some of us may feel that we only need a fan, while other families may need 2.

If you are looking for something basic, flexi would actually work well. The whole drying process is identical to our current traditional bamboo method, minus the lifting. :D


4.  I am quite sick of bamboo poles falling on my head. 

Yes, I am a full grown adult but still on days that I am clumsy or feeling tired, I will still drop the bamboo. If I am unlucky, it falls right on my head. (Maybe this is why my memory is so darn poor..hmmm..) The safety feature of Steigen is really worth highlighting. It automatically stops when it feels an opposing force acting against it (could be your head or anything that is in its descending path.)

Especially if you have young children, this may be particularly useful. There is no longer any safety reasons to stop them from doing the laundry for you. FYI, I didn't press stop in the video. It stopped automatically! And then I reeled it back up!)

5. It is actually kinda of fun.

Kinda of fun is probably an understatement, it is super duper fun. Check out the cool-ass looking remote! You know how housework are always termed as chores. I am not sure with Steigen, will laundry ever be a chore again. For all we know, kids will be fighting to do them! And check out how user-friendly the buttons are. I didn't even read the instruction guide and I am maneuvering the system up and down like a pro. (P.S. Press for Fun has double meaning. Let me know if you got it! Haha!)

6. I appreciate clean laundry.

I didn't know before this but the musty smell from clothes actually came from leftover moisture in the clothes. I always thought our detergent sucks. :(  For fellow germophobe out there, there is also the disinfection function to keep us save from the micro dangers.  And no more inconsiderate neighbours' drippy problems!

Lastly if you are a person who is into smart homes, Steigen is really a product to consider. It is not completely doing the laundry but hey we are one step closer to being lucky. Or if you have elderly or a weaker family member at home, this is a pretty nice installation at home.

To find about about Steigen, you can visit their website at or visit their Facebook page . To find the retailers, just click on any Steigen in this post. Last but not least, just for you only, quote “STEIGEN50” at checkout or through SMS/Call/Whatsapp to 8818 6588 or email to to enjoy a $50 discount. :D

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Funky Find: Someone GIF Me!

This is kinda of funny. Cos I have been gyming really hard lately (so I think at least) and I grew strong, so strong I broke my door (into 2 halves mind you)! So I was trying to "boast" about my own strength to the BF and came across this GIF image.

What's so intriguing was that it was like my exact doppelgänger! Did I model for someone and forgot about it?!? I was wearing this exact turqoise singlet and my hair was of the same uncanny length with wispy curl. P.S. I even had heart shaped shades (in yellow) though.

I promptly decided that this should have a post of its ownn. Here's a picture of me showing off my "subject"/ "modeling" talent. Quite a surreal feeling, but if any of you know the artist, please let me know and help us connect. I am curious to "find my twinning sister".

And if anyone want to draw me, please feel free to present me in my best face. LOL! But remember to credit me. And also send me your work when it is done so I can help you share it! <3

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Food Tour Part 5: Orchard Theme

I am so sociable last 2 months that (1) I am eating out a lot and (2) I am trying out a lot of new places. Cos it seems that my friends have more of a life than me. Hahaha. But on the bright side, now you guys have a review and will better choices. Get a bang from your bucks. (Is that how it is even supposed to be like?)

This is going to be a post where you read and wonder, this woman has issues. She keeps up with her friends annually?!? Hey, hey, hey that's because they are not in town and busy with life ok. I do meet my friends rather frequently except for these few. :P

Was at Orchard to support my friend's flea at Shine Festival (Dang the stuff sold there are really quite expensive.) OMG, Shine was super awesome this year, simply because I took home so much cute and good freebies - a "dogtag" of decent quality, a miniature kueh, had free drinks every 100m and the free pens were good. (I mean rarely come across free pens where the ink flows so well.) Sorry for the side-track.

Back to food :P This is actually the second time I am at Nantsuttei . But because I didn't take any photos there the last time, I didn't really review about it. Now that I have a photo at hand (Don't even need editing), let's talk about how yummy it is. I think if you have a good broth, it is kinda of difficult for the ramen to go wrong.

Situated at Orchard Central, I think it is quite convenient for many. It is also cheaper than the last ramen I reviewed and taste quite close to my favourite ramen. (The price is similar too!) Take the pork stock one cos the miso one isn't as nice! Enjoy!

To celebrate one of my friend's birthday, and another for winning an award and being back in town. We went for "Hype Sushi". Honestly, I really do not get the hype over this. I don't think it is really worth the queue for its quality and price. Apart for the cho cho train that delivers your food, it kinda of got stale after a while.

I did try some of their weird food. Apart from the lime float, the rest were just disappointing. I even got scolded by my friends for offering food. "Nobody wants to eat the food you don't like and messed up with your chopsticks!" Thanks B. Thanks. I really feel your love. LOL!

I really wanted to share with you guys my friend's cute little baby. Well but after second thoughts, there are so many pedophiles out there. God knows if someone might go download his photo and do naughty things with it. Guess we shall now mix kids with food. So this is what my friend and I had. It has been like a year since we met up (Guess motherhood overwhelmed her.)

Because both of us were so out of touch with the social life out there, we decided to try this "new place". Sorry if it isn't as new. :P We thought the food was reasonably priced, actually is cheap, and of decent quality. Good for students. Do try out their set meal if you are looking for affordable western food!

Dessert posts coming right up soon! Stay tune!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Food Review: WOK°15 Kitchen

Ok, this post is kinda of delayed. But hey good stuff are worth the wait right? So remember during the launch of Jules Taylor (read more about the post here), food was being served! Today, we will be sharing with you more about the food!

First off, more information about the WOK°15 Kitchen. Lauded as "Singapore's Top Restaurant" by Win & Dine, you can expect hearty Cantonese cuisine that will appeal to even diners with the most discerning tastebuds!

I hope you are feeling hungry because we are going to do a a quick run through of all the food. (Look at how yummy they are! Mind you, these photos don't even need to be edited!)

Appetizers (at the bottom)
  1. Deep Fried Fish Skin - This is sinfully good. Fried to crunch perfection. But please don't have to much of it, it is not that good for your health.
  2. Chilled Cucumber & Garlic - It is what we call the "开胃菜" (open stomach vegetables LOL!). It is refreshingly good and is a good cleanser to the savory food coming out next. 
  3. Sautéed Pork Belly with Special Sauce - I am pork belly lover so I would recommend this side as well. Once again, this should be shared unless you want to get a free float around your waist!
  1. Deep Fried Marble Goby with Deluxe Soya Sauce - WOK°15 Kitchen is really good in their frying skills. (Yumm!) However, I am always of this impression if the fish has to be fried it is less fresh than the one being steamed. 
  2. Sautéed Beef Cubes with Garlic Flakes - I hope you readers can consume beef because it is such a waste to miss this. The thick cubes were juicily good! Mmm!
  3. Singapore Chilli Crab with Fried Mantou - We saved the best for last. For overseas readers, this dish is one of Singapore's pride. Most tourist I know like to go Jumbo to satisfy their craving. You know what, I think you can come to WOK°15 Kitchen for it. I love the buns. Can eat them on their own.
And by the way, I am super in love with the atmosphere at WOK°15 Kitchen (although sometimes I think any place with a sea view can easily win me over.) Personally, I like it because it is quaint. The exterior and interior is elegant making this a good place to host business lunches.

If you are going to get married soon, there is even a grand dining hall available! I think it can be quite an exoitic experience for the guest though those who are trying to take public transport in may face a little difficulty. (It can only accommodate up to 120 guests so it is quite perfect for a small wedding!)

This is the point where everyone starts scolding us for being hedonists. We were enjoying the yacht so much we actually took quite little photos of the food. Oops.
So here's some of the finger snacks served on board:-
  1. Chilled Drunken Chicken Roll with Osmanthus and Wolfberries - This is actually really good for health. And for a health food, this taste awesome! Order this on board!
  2. Sautéed Scallops with Egg White and Truffle Oil - This is super luxurious and a delight to the tastebuds. The generous truffle oil is going to make all fans of truffles squeal with delight. Do try it ok!
  3. Sautéed Prawns with Wasabi Sauce - This is one of the finest combination. It is good but if you are looking for something exclusive, this may not be what you are looking for. 
With that, we have come to the end of the event launch write-up. Please don't be too surprise if you catch me at WOK°15 Kitchen in the near future. :D

Note: This post was written with input from my representative.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

LOTD: It's Party Time!

I am sure by now most of you know by now one of theme in which ForFunk is yakking non-stop about is culturally neutral fashion. Basically, it just means you get to try out different type of looks even if it is or may be normally associated with a particular race, class or nationality.

Today, I will be wearing the hanbok. It is not exactly fashion inspired. It is a very beautiful costume and is a piece in which you could wear for special occasions such as D&D, parties and even as maternity dress. Hehe.

So Jiang jiang, that's me in my hanbok. If you are wondering why my hair isn't tied up, that's because I look like an ajumma when I wear it in my ponytail. When my hair was long and curly, I could twirl it and wrap it around my head like a court lady. Will update another photo of me in it when my hair is longer, ok. (Totally worthy of any best-dressed award!) Hehe.

Pardon my messy hair and even messier ribbon. I did my best to give myself a gigantic fancy tie. (Just in case you want to tie it like me, I decided on the length of the ribbon first and double-tied it so that it was proportional.)

Apart from the ribbon, the Hanbok is really easy to wear. The inner pink spaghetti dress is airy and good for Singapore or even Korea's Summer weather. Also, it comes with velcro and is stretchy. With the petticoat on the outside, you don't really have to worry about being too fat or skinny for the costume haha. The turquoise petticoat with a clip on button to secure it. It is a fantastic simplified version for any of you who are eager to dress up fast.

Just in case you are wondering, the costumes in this post are all from partybasket. And they have an amazing collection of hanbok at an incredibly affordable price too. (<S$40) Personally, pairing up the contrasting colours looks nicer for Hanbok. But if you really want to use it as a maternity dress, then you may consider something duller. :P

I guess from the photos, it is kinda of obvious what is the second costume. Yesh, I am the pretty (maybe a little slutty) Santarina from Finland. Guess Christmas just came early! If you are looking for a costume that you can wear again and again, I guess this is it. After all, Christmas is a yearly affair just like birthdays.

Okay in comparison to the hanbok, I think the material is not as good. It is nice and furry, reminding me of suede. But I think it traps the fur balls from the hat. But if you are looking for something that won't last forever and hog your wardrobe, this is the piece! And I like the fact it can be quite versatile if you pair it with a jacket etc.

Usually, I don't really edit my pics. But I just couldn't resist editing this collage cos it is so festive (when in a set). Check out my Santa's beard. Guess, I am not that good with strings and knots. Was totally struggling to "corset" up myself. After much tries, I decided it look better loose than tight hehe. I also note that I don't look as good as the models in the photo. *Sobs*

But still I think I look fantabulous in both costumes. Ending the post with a photo I think is funny (Me in my face roller). I thought it look a bit like a "Korean" me doing plastic surgery. I am not sure even how I made my face that round and over-sized. Gah.

For any of you who are keen to get yourself the costumes I tried or other costumes i.e. superheroes, movie characters, I think you may want to consider partybasket. (Especially if you don't like renting or sharing, the costumes at partybasket is very affordable and of decent quality.) Most of the costumes are in stock. However, if you are buying in bulk, do order early before your 'big day' lest they go out of stock.

Guess what, you can even find something for the little ones too. Guess you can twin around with them. And do check out their Princess collection. I am starting to think it might be quite a good idea to do a Princess photoshoot. Oh yea we do have something big coming up. So keep your eyes peel to the blog!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jules Taylor Launch on ANKA

This is something a little more unusual for our blog. But I am there are some of you who may be wine connoisseur. Then you may like the post we have for you today. For those who are under the legal drinking age (18) you may need to give this a post a pass. Don't worry we have other posts that are suited for you :D

So today we going to introduce you wine that comes all the way from New Zealand, Marlborough - Jules Taylor. This is a family owned boutique wine. The wine is on the fruiter side so it may suit a lady's taste well. :)

Just to share a little more about the brand, there are 3 ranges (1 for everyone, depending on your budget and drinking experience you are looking for.
  1. Classic - also known as the Better Half Series. For newbies, we would suggest this as it is lighter and sweeter, without compromising the flavours. This is also more fruit friendly. We will be talking more about the food in another post. :D
  2. Premium - This is the award winning series, also known as the 'Jules Taylor' collection. It is intermediate between the Elite and Classic. and may be suitable who wants a stronger Classic.
  3. Elite - For those who appreciate the better, more exclusive wine, OTQ is the one for you. It has the stronger after-taste and the "siapness".

The launch of Jules Taylor was very different from the other launch. We were sent to the sea on ANKA, enjoying OTQ. Because ANKA is such a rare luxury treat, it deserves a paragraph or 2 by itself. Going onboard and spotting a jacuzzi makes staycation looks too mainstream.

Even the toilet looks instagrammable. ANKA is the biggest among the Monohulls being offered by One 15 Luxury Yachting. Usually I like to joke that this is one trip/ party, you can't end early. But given the amount of amenities and comfort, you probably don't want it to end early too!

Usually the charter of the yacht comes with food. But I will not be talking about the food in this post. We are saving it for the next one, lest this post can do heavy and wordy. OTQ was made on the quiet by Jules and it is a real pleasure to sip it whether in solace or with company.

Especially with the sea wind blowing against your face, it is just one unforgettable memory. For those of you who go out to sea often, do consider bringing this along as your ideal beverage. But don't get too intoxicated.


Leaving you with a video of ANKA instead of one of the islands, cos they were just too green. And well, it may not be as appreciated by you guys. By the way, if you want to visit any of Singapore's public islands, perhaps you might want to consider yachting there. New vacation idea, huh!

Note: This post was written with input from my representative.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Food Tour Part 4: Hawker Version

So you may know by now that I am working (out) hard. And apparently, I realised I have been eating damn hard too. Lol! Considering the food photos I have accumulated thus far. Well, I guess I have truly been eating.

FYI, not all reviews are good. So please read them carefully. These columns are food that I bumped into. Some are hits while others are misses!

Amoy Spicy Noodle (Near the ATMs)
I am sure many of you have heard of Noodle Story but this is not it. (Sorry, I forgot the store's name!) This is also at the first floor but at the other end. Taste-wise, it isn't as fancy but it has a queue too. And it is around $3-$4. My friend doesn't like it. She say "not spicy enough" but it wasn't too bad. Not something I would have craving for but is something I am fine filling my stomach with.

I actually burst the egg and mixed it? I am not sure if that's how you eat it. But I like my noodles soggy. It comes with a bowl of soup too. Try it and let me know if you like it. :D

MACS Nasi Lemak Burger
I did try the Minion's stuff the last time round. And unfortunately it didn't work my way. I just didn't like it. Shake head fervently! Guess banana is not my thing. But you know I like novelty so I gave this new MAC trend another go. It was initially pretty conflicting cos Nasi Lemak and burger just sounds like a huge amount of calories.

But it is all worth it! Please try it, I know some influencers called it confusing but I love it. It is a mouthful of Nasi Lemak goodness and worth every calories. And the coconut pie is awesome too. I tot the drink was just average. But I still want this to be in Macs permanent menu. Just change the bread to rice and this is perfect! (BF was so hungry. The photo even has him putting his hands at his tummy! WTH!)

Clementi Central Chwee Kueh
There are so many people raging on how good their Chwee Kuehs are. But I really think this is the best I have tasted so far. I only go for Clementi Centrals's cheap and yummy one (even though it writes there Bedok -_-) In fact, Clementi has a lot of good food. I should really do one post on it some day.

Yea, do go and try them out! This is really where I satisfy all my Chwee Kueh cravings. And mind you, I got try out the "famous" Ghim Moh one too. I still think this one is better. :D

There is going to be a lot more food posts coming up. (I have too much photos!) So if you are a foodie or is just hungry for more choices, you can just keep reading. :D

Monday, July 10, 2017

LOTD: Looking awesome with Midniteblue

It has been a long time since I last wrote on fashion. So hip hip hurray, we are back with some LOTD. I hope you are excited with what I am going to share, because I sure am myself.

The clothes I am wearing today are mainly from Midniteblue. It is quite an amazing shop given that what you see in pictures is what you get. As most of the items are in PO, the only downside is that you have to wait. (But you still you don't have to wait that long!)

Lately, I noticed that Midi and Maxi skirts seem to be very in. Even young girls are wearing it. Pardon me for saying this for longer skirts used to be associated with older and more mature women. I decided not only to give Midi skirts a go but also try out one with prints.

And voila, I look like a demure yet modern, young lady. I like the effect. <3 Just in case if you think prints might be kinda of hard to match (Mine has a huge ferris wheel by the way!!) Just try out with a simple, mono top. My top had frills and still it worked well too! :D

It has been a while since I reviewed tees and a cute one too. So, this might be refreshing to you guys. Personally, I found the white alien tee a bit too sheer for my liking if I had to wear this out. makes a very nice comfy shirt at home. Especially when the weather is so hawt, this is really good.

Of cos the sheer white tee has "not yet babe" which upz the kawaii factor. But the other designs are really nice too. In fact, the grey one caught my eye. If the material is less sheer, I am sure it would look great with short, skorts, and jeans!

For the printed skirts, there are many designs you can choose from. The skirt comes with a partial rubberised at the back (so it is still stretchy) and has a zip at the side. It doesn't come out crunched at the top so you can still tuck in your top confidently. :D

So if you are into phone cases, cosmetics or even footwear (this shop has amazingly dope footwear), you may really want to check out Midniteblue. Most of their items are very reasonably priced. So do show them some love ok? :D P.S. they have many positive comments by the way.

P.S. Quote ForFunk and you get to enjoy 10% off from any bags, apparels and footwear. Enjoy 5% off for all cosmetics!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Funky Find: What is my Carbon Footprint

I am very into going green lately, so I thought I would share with you a pretty interesting website - What is my Carbon Footprint. It is a Singapore Edition which lets you calculate your impact on Earth. You just have to answer a few questions and you will get your results.

Interestingly, some of us may think that we are very Green but actually are pretty far from doing so. Taking me for example, I think I travel and maybe hoard a little too much. Maybe it is time for me to be a minimalist.

The one on the left is my result, while the result on the right belongs to the BF. Guess we are pretty Green. I am slightly greener cos of my diet. I eat a lot more Greens than meat. I thought just wanted to clarify that being environmentally friendly doesn't mean you have to forgo all your meat. You just have to reduce your consumption.

Being green pretty much starts from oneself. I am now recycling bottles etc. :D Just in case any of you are wondering how Green Singapore is, Singapore actually lacks behind the Scandinavian nations, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. But there are definitely a lot more efforts being made.

If you are interested in visiting a Green Community, you can try out Yu Hua. There are recycling projects spearheaded by the residents (ongoing for 10years already, mind you) and you will also find some test-bed experiments such as the green wall (doesn't seem to be thriving too well though) and the pneumatic bins.

I took some photos in the resident's gardens. Usually it is not open. And it is really nice and quaint. I am sure in your neighbourhood there is also probably a nice spot like this waiting to be found. :) Ending the post with a video for your enjoyment.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Funky Find: 10 Tips for Mensa

I was thinking whether to write this post but I decided , you know what let's just go ahead because there is so little information on this online and we all want to know a little more about this topic. (I am definitely not writing this to sound like a smart ass bitch!)

The only other blogger I know who got into Mensa is XiaXue. Guess what, I am of her league now. (In terms of brain power not notoriety la!) Just in case any of you are interested to get tested, here's 10 tips that you may like to know. Nope I am not going guarantee you a place in it lest you come after me!

1. Do it when you are in school. You get 25% at a discount price of $45 (u.p $60)

2. Use a discount code. Yea, I did it for even less than $45 because I googled online for a discount code. So go Google!

3. I personally find the people who came for the test weird. Since I am there too, I guess I am not that normal too. But, I am doing it cos it was within my budget and I just wanted to prove someone we are more alike than he think we are not. LOL!

4. It gets harder in the middle. The test started off easy but halfway I was fretting and sweating. I even grew some respect for the members of this club. How on Earth did they even figure out the answer!

5. You are not allowed to draw or write anything. You just have to figure it out mentally. Yikes

6. It takes about 8 weeks before you get your results. Long right? So don't worry if you find yourself waiting...cos I waited and fretted too...

7. You can only take twice in a lifetime, so make every attempt count (I heard you can't really increase your IQ) But hey nobody is stopping you from tikam (making wild guesses!)

8. I think...maybe everyone gets in? I dono I mean from a commercial point of view, it makes sense to make everyone a member. Can earn more membership fees what!

9. Time is really tight at the end, so make sure you time yourself wisely. Skip it first if you can't solve it. You might solve it when you re-attempt it again! (I skipped some den I realised I was pretty much skipping all. LOL! It gets tougher at the end!)

10. There are surprisingly a lot more foreigners than Singaporeans.

Hope you found the tips useful. Will load a picture of my membership card once I get it. I really want the free gift that comes with it. Hehe. (Plus I get student discount too!) If you have any questions, I guess you could ask me. But honestly, I didn't really prepare for it cos I tot I wasn't getting it.

Getting in pretty much means you are the top 2% in the world. But that only makes you 2sd. Want to be an outlier, you need to be 3sd. So don't be too haolian if you got in too OK!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Must Have Burger and Coffee

Hungry? Cos we have more delicious food to share. We were at the Armoury to try the Yellow Cup Coffee. Since we were there, we also tried out some of the delicious food at the Armoury. So lucky you, just read one post and you will get to find out infomration of both the Armoury and Yellow Cup Coffee.

Just in case any of you who are interested in trying out the Yellow Cup Coffee and have difficulty finding them, they are actually situated right inside the Armoury. If you are not into alcohol, you might actually like to try out their coffee brew while enjoying a delightful meal at the Armoury.

Since we tried a few flavours of the coffee, I thought it would be nice if I shared with you some of my personal favourites. From their signature flavoured Coffee range (S$6), we tried the Hazelnut, Mint, Hawaiian Latte and Nutella Latte. We all agreed that our favourite was the Nutella Latte. <3 Damn good.
  1. Hazelnut - Pretty good too but we thought it was a little too common
  2. Mint - The mint taste was pretty strong. This is something different but we thought the taste of mint didn't blend into coffee
  3. Hawaiian Latte - This is one of the crowd's favourite. But one thing I couldn't put my finger into was the herbs that was inside. It is quite an exotic taste and may not be for everyone.
  4. Nutella Latte - Another popular choice and I think I know why. It is pretty irresistible for any chocolate lovers out there. And I don't think you can get it anywhere else. 
You may not know but the Armoury will be changing their menu soon. If you want to try what I am having you better and have to make a trip down fast.
  1. Squid Ink Tagliatelle (S$19) - I love how everything mix together (the sweetness of the watermelon, the strong taste of the Goat Cheese and the succulent scallops) and not leave my teeth with a black stain. But for the burnt goat cheese, it may be an acquired taste. You may leave the cheese aside but you should't miss this pasta.
  2. Potato & Fish (S$19) - I thought it was a pretty savoury dish, but the sea salt was not that evenly sprinkled so there were a few bites where it was really too salty. Healthy olive oil was used generously, if you are a lover of something tastefully greasy.
  3. Full Breakfast (S$22) - It is quite difficult for a full breakfast to stand out from the rest out there. Not really one of my must-have
  4. Furi Kaki Chix (S$10) - I ordered this simply because I was curious. I didn't expect this side to be so crunchily addictive. And the portion is huge for a side. Is like popcorn chicken but way better. The Hainanese Chickren Rice chilli sauce made me tear. Stay away from the chilli if you can't take spicy food. 

We are all in luck because the best burger I ever had is still going to remain in the menu. YESH! If there is one thing I am definitely to come back to the Armoury for, it is this super yummy Armoury burger (S$19). Even though it can be quite a chore to eat this, cos the burger is twice the size of my mouth, but it is so delicious.

The wagyu patty is like mind blowing. I just can't have enough of the onion jam too. And it has fries. Mmmm....yum. It is just sinfully good. Please don't miss this one, it is really worth travelling for. *MUST HAVE*

And if you are visiting in the evening, you will also get to enjoy the live band. I didn't really try out their alcohol. Let me know if you need me to do a review on it. But this is definitely a great place for old friends to catch up. As you can see, the deco and atmosphere of the Armoury is a very chill and cosy.

Given their generous food portion, the price is really affordable. So go try out their Armoury Burger and the flavoured coffee! Don't say I never share good things ar!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Upcycling with Passion Woodworks

Following our previous post on upcycling, I thought I will share with you another form where you can recycle (pallets) see picture below into furnitures. Although pallets may look rather flimsy, due to their structural arrangement, whereby the wooden planks sit in a cross-section on each other.

Usually, pallets are used during transport to protect cargo as they move from one place to another. They are durable for sure. But I guess some of you must be wondering if they look as good as a deco in the house. Will it make the house look too industrial?

So here's a shoe shelf I designed for myself. Obviously, as you can see it is no longer used for its original function. It is kinda of sturdy so I am using it to store some of my stuff. This includes heavy meat bars etc. Haha. If you are planning to design something yourself, you might consider upcycling pallets.

Most people like me are not much of a DIY person, so you might want to find your carpenter. The wood craftsman behind this shelf is Passion Woodworks. You can check out their crafts. They have a lot of nice designs and you can customise your own so that it fit your function.

Here are some of their previous works which I really like. Do make sure you request your piece to be finished. Otherwise the rough parts may hurt your fingers and scratch your paraphernalia. Alternatively you can also lay paper like mine.

Personally, I ike the natural wood with its flaw and all. But if you are particular, you can always request for your furniture to be sprayed-painted. I think white looks especially nice? So do check out Passion Woodworks and their upcycling works and let me know if you would like to read more about such articles.