Friday, June 9, 2017

Upcycling with Passion Woodworks

Following our previous post on upcycling, I thought I will share with you another form where you can recycle (pallets) see picture below into furnitures. Although pallets may look rather flimsy, due to their structural arrangement, whereby the wooden planks sit in a cross-section on each other.

Usually, pallets are used during transport to protect cargo as they move from one place to another. They are durable for sure. But I guess some of you must be wondering if they look as good as a deco in the house. Will it make the house look too industrial?

So here's a shoe shelf I designed for myself. Obviously, as you can see it is no longer used for its original function. It is kinda of sturdy so I am using it to store some of my stuff. This includes heavy meat bars etc. Haha. If you are planning to design something yourself, you might consider upcycling pallets.

Most people like me are not much of a DIY person, so you might want to find your carpenter. The wood craftsman behind this shelf is Passion Woodworks. You can check out their crafts. They have a lot of nice designs and you can customise your own so that it fit your function.

Here are some of their previous works which I really like. Do make sure you request your piece to be finished. Otherwise the rough parts may hurt your fingers and scratch your paraphernalia. Alternatively you can also lay paper like mine.

Personally, I ike the natural wood with its flaw and all. But if you are particular, you can always request for your furniture to be sprayed-painted. I think white looks especially nice? So do check out Passion Woodworks and their upcycling works and let me know if you would like to read more about such articles.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wild Wild Wet: Double the Wow

The June Holidays are here. And I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you guys a promotion at Wild Wild Wet. Dress identically and you can get twice the the excitement at half the price at Downtown East! Just in case, you think that twinning might be silly, my family and I did the quadruplets. And it was a real good bonding experience.

Just in case you are wondering, my family and I have never been to Wild Wild Wet. And I am very glad I brought them along instead of my friends. Because my parents were so excited about this outing. (Guess I should really plan more fun activities for my family next time.) My Dad was doing so much research work and my Mum actually packed our swimsuits and was so eager to coordinate our attires for the day. (-_-)''

Because we have been to Wild Wild Wet, I can't share with you the difference. But I do know that there is one new feature which I will be talking about later. And it is definitely a lot more fun than I expected. I always thoughtWild Wild Wet was more of a "family theme park" so I was quite surprised to find myself screaming in some of the rides. Gosh.

I didn't try anything in the Kidz Zone. Apart from those under construction, I pretty much tried out all the other rides. Hehe. My personal favourite is the Royal Flush. I think I took it 3-4 times and each time I screamed my heads off. OMFG. If you are into something more exciting, try the Torpedo or Slide Up. But Torpedo isn't for everyone, it was too frightening for screams.


And tada, presenting the new ride - The Woosh. Just in case you are wondering why are my legs so hairy, it is my bro's la! (Or you can sponsor me for leg hair removal, I wouldn't mind. Hehe!) The Woosh is 50m long, being Singapore’s Longest Inflatable Freestyle Water Slide at Wild Wild Wet.

It is a ride that young kids can enjoy so don't expect it to be too exciting. My observation is that older kids ain't too excited about it. But kids on the other hand are crazy for it. Apart from Kidz Zone, this is another feature that they can independently have some fun in. Being an inflatable slide, it is really a safe joyride for them :D

Before I forget, here's the photo of the Seeing Double Campaign, where the member of the public were invited to join. With 111 pairs of twinning people, I am guessing we managed to set the Singapore Book of Records for the 'Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos'! Does it mean I am living down in history? Lol!

Honestly, there are so many people I can't even spot myself OMG! To up the fun, there were even stage games that day. My sporting Mum and Bro happily participated in the first game and even took my Dad's underwear up on stage much to the amusement of the audience. Hehe.

If you don't want to keep climbing up and down the rides to deposit your handphones and specs, don't bring them up the rides! I didn't know and we had to climb down. This rule pretty much applies for the more thrilling features. Want photos? Take Shiok River or Tsunami!

A special mention to Shiok River because it is really as shiok as its name. It was just so therapeutic drifting. It took me a while before I could control the currents around the float. But it was really great to leave life to maneuver on its own as you focus on the little things around you.

Just to share a little more about the Seeing Double promotions, you can also enjoy some sweet deals while are you at Downtown East. See there's so much benefit to twin! (Click on the image to see more!) Apart from that, take a photo of your twinning effort and post it on Instagram. You must be the lucky few that will be rewarded for your effort! (See image below!)

I guess I am going to end off with an overall verdict of this place: A ball of fun for the family. You can bring the young and old in the family. And this is a really affordable, nice place for secondary class outing. I still remember those days where budget for fun is real tight!) :P

P.S. Wow is punning wild if you thing it was a typo error. Haha.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Food Tour Part 3: Tanjong Pagar Theme

Maybe I am really growing fat. Cos I am writing about food again. This is because after my exams, I have more time on my hand to eat with my friends. More time means can eat more. Haha, as simple as that. Usually, I eat the same stuff. #loyaltytofood

But I tried some things that are different cos I have new friends. Kidding la. Cos after exams very stressed so easily influenced to eat other type of food and try something different. Hehehe.

100 AM Level 3

Oops, I wish I am able to give you more information, but crap I really forgot what it is called. It has a curtain over the entrance though. :D Yea, usually this is not my go-to place for my Ramen craving. But oh my, it is actually really good. More expensive than the Orchird Hotel one though, but it is a nice change.

It is a lot more savory and the portion is humongous too. But oh well, it is pricer too. It is really a good rainy day comfort food meal. And if you are a big eater, you should go for this instead!

This is like my favourite vegetarian store so don't be too shock to see me munching there. So it is only recently I found out that they moved to a more inaccessible location. Sian. And now that the environment look slightly more atas, the price also go up a bit liao. Double sian. But I think the portion did grow bigger.

My friends used to ask me like "filling meh? No meat leh!" Trust me, you won't need a second helping there. And in terms of taste wise, it is really one of the best vegetarian good I have ever tried, but yea it is a little on the more fancy side. Tell me if you like it ok cos I really want to open their franchise store. :)

I am only eating at this place because I am on my way to eat the Ramen at Orchird Tower but the BF, not me, him ok wanted to try something different and wanted to spurge. The meal isn't cheap but the food was decent and the portion is amazing.

I think the concept is interesting as well cos you can actually book your trip to Japan here as well. I think it is a waste not to serve Jap food but hey maybe they wanted a bigger target market. BTW, these photos even won a bit of a contest. So yeah to great photography!

So here's a photo by the BF of me looking all dumb after my exam. Quite a terrible angle but that's the best he can do. Trust me. And I just realised all the food places this time round is in Tanjong Pagar again! Guess I just gave you guys variety. Enjoy, and let me eat up another around of food to share :D